Tuberose Wonder 180 gr


"Barefoot dreaming in the lush of nature flowers reveal their wishes"


Olfactory Family:  Floral
Exit, heart and depth: Pure tuberose 
Feels like:  A feminine and seductive scent evoking floral and creamy notes. 
Burning Time:  50 hours



Olfactory Description: Tuberose wonder is a tribute to the timeless beauty of Mexico. French perfumery and Mexican culture come together to create to create an alluring and mysterious scent. Often its multiple nuances are reminiscent of other white flowers such as jasmine or orange blossom. 

*Our candles are handcrafted in Grasse, France. Each candle contains 14% perfume (the same amount as an eau de parfum). Our wax is free from palm oil with a 100% cotton wick.


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