Our story begins in 2010 when our founder, Ana Patricia Nikaido writes a novel about a perfumer who loses her sense of smell. During this time Ana Patricia becomes deeply involved in the world of perfumery discovering a new passion for creating unique scents. After many years of research and effort, Ana Patricia Nikaido manages to work hand in hand with the best perfumers in the world to create an unprecedented collection. During her frequent trips to the world's most prestigious perfumery ateliers in Grasse, France, she discovered the enormous potential that the perfume capital of the world offered for the creation of unique scents. Pursuing such passion she created AROMARIA.

Aromaria Home

We are disrupting the way we live our daily lives through scents. We want people's lives and all their moments to smell amazing. AromariaHome is a line created for those who love to enjoy spaces, both alone and in good company. Aromaria is very diverse in terms of product. We have a collection of 12 candles, 14 indoor perfumes, 14 XL incenses (perfume sticks), 14 mini incenses (perfume sticks), and a collection of indoor perfumes with antiviral protection; all with our exclusive scents created in Grasse.


At Aromaria Air we seek to generate an emotional bond between a brand and its customers. We encapsulate everything that a brand represents into an aroma to create a unique signature scent that becomes an invaluable component for the company. The olfactory personality of a brand manages to create new experiences that build a much more lasting emotional connection with its customers.