Incienso XL de Stardust



Olfactory family: floral, woody, spicy

Exit: Siberian Pine / Galbanum

Heart: Blue Tea / Cedarwood / Oakwood

Background: Musk / Sandalwood

Feels like: A sophisticated Christmas, unique and surprising.

Our incenses are not conventional. They are outdoors perfume sticks that measure 1.2m, so they can last between 8 and 10 hours lit. You can keep lighting them for several days as they are not single-use; unlike traditional perfume sticks, they can be put out on the ground or the floor and then re-lit as needed. You can keep them in their case and the scent will be preserved for a longer time.

What will I receive?

One perfume stick 1.2m in length 

One case 

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