1.2 m Perfume Stick (XL Incense) Lavender



Notes: Wood/Herbal
Exit: Lavender/Herbal
Heart: Camphor
Depth: Rosemary/Thyme

Feels like: The satisfaction from a productive day as it comes to an end, knowing bed is your next destination. Relaxing and soothing scent. 

Our incenses are different from conventional ones, they are outdoors perfume sticks. 
They measure 1.2m, so they can last between 8 and 10 hours lit. You can keep lighting them for several days as they are not single-use; unlike traditional incenses, they can be put out on the ground or the floor and then re-lit as needed. You can keep them in their case and the scent will be preserved for a longer time.
They scent large areas because due to an incredible fusion between Mexican handcrafts handmade in Tepoztlán and our collection scent collection developed and produced in Grasse.
Their ingredients are organic and 100% natural, such as activated charcoal, flowers, woods, and fruit peels.
What will I receive?
One incense 1.2m in length 
One incense case 


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