Secret Santa


Enjoy our three seasonal signature scents created in Grasse, France, and experience AROMARIA around your loved ones. 

Holy Forest

Olfactory family: Woody / Fruity

Exit: Siberian Pine / Galbanum / Green Apple

Heart: Cedar / Heliotrope / Oak

Background: Wood / Musk / White Sandal 

Feels like: A hug on Christmas Eve. Freshly cut pine. Decorating your Christmas tree.


Aprés Ski

Olfactory family: Spicy

Exit: Crispy Green Fig leaves / Chocolate / Cinnamon

Heart: Hazelnut / Clove / Coconut

Background: Tonka Beans / Vanilla / Musk

Feels like: Being surrounded by trees while drinking a cup of hot chocolate with delicate notes of coconut, fig leaves and vainilla. 


Olfactory family: Floral, woody, spicy

Exit: Siberian Pine / Galbanum

Heart: Blue Tea / Cedarwood / Oakwood

Background: Musk / Sandalwood

Feels like: A sophisticated Christmas, unique and surprising.

What does the kit include?

Includes 6 mini indoor scents of 10ml each, 2 mini incenses and 1 ceramic diffuser. Each scent is part of our Timeless Memories collection.

*Ribbons, bows and ornaments are illustrative, not included with the product.


How to use?

2 sprays are perfect for scenting your ceramic diffuser and using it as an ornament. Reinforce its scent by lighting your mini incenses and placing them on a sandbox or decorative saucer.

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