Dolce Far Niente. Pure Perfume Stick Collection


Cabinet de Curiosités. Pure perfume stick collection


Dolce Far Niente

33 minutes of sea salt, bergamot, neroli, grapefruit & white musk blend

Makes me feel: like a joyful day at sea

In the mood for: the sweetness of doing nothing

Make this Cabinet De Curiosités yours. We designed this collection to scent your life in a new way. With an almost unnoticeable ash, these pure perfume sticks will enhance your most precious moments & mood.

What will I receive?

33 Dolce Far Niente pure perfume sticks

1 case

 How do I use them?

Light your incense and place it vertically in your incense holder. The ashes will not harm it, you can let it burn.


Approximate Burn Time: 33 minutes each

Total burn time: 18 hours


Meet the new generation of high definition incense. Discover our full collection.

Twelve aromas that will take you into a daydream: Buddha's Apprentice, Cabinet De Curiosités, Cheek To Cheek, Cigar Bar, Dolce Far Niente, Good Night Kiss, Je T'Aime, Mojito ice, Re-Zest, That Morning Coffee, The Curves Of Patchouli, and The Orange Of My Eye.

*  Warning: Always light up your incense under the supervision and sight of an adult. Keep it away from drafts and out of the reach of children and pets. Never burn your incense near objects that can catch fire and keep them away from furniture, curtains, linens, carpets, books, paper, or flammable decorations.

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